Submissive Woman finds “Red Flags” Cute, Endearing



For Mary Beck, what most would consider “deal breakers” or “red flags,” the 47 year old finds appealing.

It has always been kind of a turn on for me to be involved with “bad boys,” she told The Daily Flogger.  “A guy with no job, living in his parent’s basement, or even better, living off of his girlfriend, that is just hot.  Throw in irrational mood swings, being off his medication, and a few criminal convictions and I am in heaven!”

Beck’s friends often try to warn her away from what they often describe as “total douche bags or worse,” by Beck remains unconvinced.  “I just know that I can make them change.  I mean, they will do it for me, even if they never have for anyone else in the past, because my self-esteem is tied to their behavior.  Once they realize that, I am sure they will shape right up!”

When asked about previous relationships, Beck admits a string of failures, including having her bank accounts completely drained twice and short stint in county jail after serving as a drug mule for one of her dominant partners.

“I think the problem in the past is that I never fully conveyed my neediness or just how truly desperate I am for a man’s attention.  Being invasive and clingy is a way to say ‘I care’ and ‘I love you,’ most of these men haven’t heard that enough in their lives and I am determined to change that.”

Photo credit: Yaiza Martinez

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