Leatherwoman Raises “Missing the Point” to an Art Form



Mistress Shelby Vice, 44, has made a name for herself in the local Oregon community, but even more so online, where she, without fail, comments on nearly every thread related to leather or BDSM.

Most frequently, her posts can be found on the popular kink website, Fetlife, where she comments two or three times daily and has in each and every case, managed to completely miss the point that was being made.

“We look for her posts now,” says Leatherman Kip McGraw, “because it is funny to watch. No matter what the topic, you can be sure that Shelby will miss the point.”

In a recent debate on raising the age limit of the local TNG group from 25 to 30, Shelby weighed in saying “The dungeon doesn’t serve alcohol, so I am not sure why being of legal age is an issue?”

People have given up trying to argue back, which inevitably results in more miscommunication and hurt feelings.

When asked if she realized she was the subject of ridicule and humor, the 44 year dominant responded by saying “My grammar and spelling are always correct, so I think people should read what I have to say.”

Photo credit: Christian Baggaratzi CC: NC

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