After Breakup Submissive Devotes Herself to Complaining Full Time



“There were so many things wrong with my old master, that I barely had time to point out what was wrong with the community and my friend’s lives,” said Tina Yarb, a 34 year old submssive, freshly out of a relationship with Master Drew Green, 47.

Those close to the say she “seemed happy for a while and stop bitching and moaning about every little thing.  Drew was good for her.”

Friends and community members say they worry about Yarb “returning to her old self, especially now that she has discovered social media.”

In the past 48 hours, Yarb has posted 8 rants, criticized the policies and procedures for 4 groups and 2 parties and accused transmen and women, people of color, and male dominants of “not understanding how hard she has it and the things she struggles with.”

Andrea Smithers, 24, says she is not really a friend of Yarb’s but she is working hard to find her a new partner.  “It seems to help when she is with someone.  The only real question is who we want to inflict her on.”

Photo credit: miz_ginevra

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