Man Uses Real Name on Fetish Website; Consequences Severe



A local male submissive found his world turned upside down after joining a popular fetish based web site.

“When I registered, it asked me what name I wanted to use, so I typed in Kevin Marx, which is my, you know, name,” the man told The Daily Flogger.  Marx, 27, didn’t realize that simply by typing his name into the box labelled “name” that he would forever be exposed.

Within 4 hours, Marx had lost custody of his children, been served divorce papers, lost his job, been disowned and written out of his family’s will, and had his cable TV service cancelled.

“I couldn’t believe it,” the male submissive lamented, “as soon as I hit enter, my whole world started falling apart.”

The Daily Flogger confirmed that each incident was a direct result of his new identity as a male submissive, with the exception of the cable service, which Time Warner claimed was due to “four months of non payment of bills.”

His wife, who asked us not to use her name, told reporters that she had “no objection to the fetish part of it,” but was concerned she was “married to someone stupid enough to use his real name online.”

Judge Roland Salmon agreed, awarding custody of the couple’s three children to Marx’s now ex-wife and granting her a restraining order against him.  “Anyone stupid enough to use his real name on a fetish website is likely to endanger his children and will probably end up being so incompetent as a parent that their neglect will eventually rise to the level of abuse.”

Marx’s former employer simply said, “He used his real name.  Who does that?  I didn’t have a choice, I had to let him go.”  Marx was terminated immediately and escorted from the premises by armed guards when he tried to enter to collect his belongings.

A confused submissive from the website, who also uses her own real name online, was surprised by the reaction.  “Somebody famous told me I was supposed to use my real name, so I did.  That is what leather people do.  We follow whatever the important people say.”

photo credit: Sebastian Anthony (cc)

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