Man’s Attitude Improves with Just 3 Swats



Mistress Wanda Von Kruel said her slave, Mark Pfeffer, 39, had been acting out and causing difficulties in the dungeon over the past few months.  After a stern lecture and scolding, she took her slave over her knee and began delivering bare handed spankings to his exposed ass.

After 3 swats of what onlookers called “a pretty low key warm up,” Pfeffer called out “My attitude is adjusted Mistress.”

“I was shocked,” the experienced Domme said.  “I usually have to really wail on their asses, but this one shaped right up.  I told him he needed an attitude adjustment and I could tell after just two swats I was getting my way.  When he said as much I really felt like I needed to stop, otherwise it would look nonconsensual.”

Pfeffer says he was not aware that his behavior was causing problems or was regarded as disruptive.  He did say that he has now “learned his lesson” and “won’t be doing any of that stuff anymore.”

“I think I should have said he was cruising for a bruising instead,” said Von Kruel.  “It is easy to claim your attitude has been adjusted, but bruises take a while to develop.  I think he may have pulled a fast one on me.”


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