New Chinese Made Collars Designed for Short Term Relationships



A new supply of what appear to be stainless steel collars has been flooding the American BDSM market.  Produced by a large factory in China, the collars are produced very inexpensively and sold to unaware customers in the US at a substantial markup.

The low quality metal, however, produce an effect that has become known as “greening” where the cheap metal turns the skin on the submissive’s neck green, giving the dominant a chance to remove the collar and end the relationship.

According to Master D, one of Chicago’s most well know dominants, he has been using the collars to great effect.  “By the time they start greening, I am usually done with them and moving on to a new girl, so it just works out perfectly.  I usually look at them and say, ‘maybe this is a sign that things aren’t meant to be’ before kicking them to the curb.”

While find the experience upsetting generally, Master D’s last partner was more reflective.  “He’s kind of a dick, so I actually used some marker on my neck to speed up the process.  The sword cuts both ways.”

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