Mistress Picks Camera Over Submissive (Again)



In what she can only describe as “one in a long series of examples of rejection,” 20 year old Savannah Simpson says she has had “just about enough.”

Simpson, who has been the slave of Mistress Narcissa, 28, for the past two years is “sick and tired” of not being the center of attention.  “I swear to God, someone pulls out a camera and it is like I’m not even there,” Simpson told The Daily Flogger.  “I turn to kiss her and she is mugging for some tourist with an iphone who wants to snap a shot of her.”

Mistress Narcissa doesn’t see the problem. “I mean, look at me.  I am gorgeous and special.  How could people not want to take a picture of me?”

When asked about alienating her slave, the Mistress seemed unconcerned.  “She’ll get over it.  She always does.  Now did you want a picture to go with the story?”

Photo Credit: Christian Baggaratzi  CC: NC


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