Movie Review: Django Unchained


Hi Emily here, telling you about a Quentin Tarantino movie I just fell in love with called Django Unchained. So what was so good about it? Well, it is a fantastic and enjoyable movie that was well written and well acted and well directed, which as you all know by now is not my cup of tea.

The genius of the movie is this.  Just when you are starting to enjoy it and really get into it, someone will say the N-word.  And as a white woman, especially who identifies as a “slave” that word makes me feel sooooo uncomfortable.  Sure, it is historical and stuff, but still to hear it over and over again made me feel incredibly guilty and awful about all the bad things that happened in the past to people of color.

How delicious is that?  Take something truly great, like the performance of Christoph Waltz (fresh off being a Nazi in Inglourious Basterds) and then pepper it will racial epithets.  It ruins everything and makes me feel bad about myself.  What a turn on!

After watching this I would even let Quentin lick my feet.  I know he likes that.

Brilliant movie systematically ruined by racism and guilt.  I am not sure how you top that?

Rating: 4.5 Stars


About Emily: Emily is The Daily Flogger’s emotionally masochistic film and media critic.  Her views are exclusively her own and should not be considered the product of a rational mind.  Her reviews usually have little to do with the movie in question but do give a nice glimpse inside the mind of a twisted and tortured soul.

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