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Hi! Emily here, your emotionally masochistic film reviewer with a review of the latest Marvel Universe action pic, Spiderman: Far From Home.

I have to start off my confessing that I always love it when movies replace actors, because I can imagine myself in their position: watching a big blockbuster movie that I was supposed to be a part of but no longer am. I try to imagine how it felt to get the phone call. Or even better, discover I was being replaced by hearing it on the news or reading about it in some trashy magazine.

But I digress.

So a couple of major plot points I really enjoyed in this movie. For starters, the awkwardness of teen romance. Who doesn’t enjoy seeing youngsters fumble through the agony of courting and romance. Sadly, the romance develops and comes to fruition. I was rooting for a cruel and heartless rejection, leaving our hero feeling lost and worthless, but to no avail.

The nice part was that I was able to remind myself, “Of course it all worked out for Spiderman, he isn’t like you Emily. You get rejected, other people have normal lives.” So I got through that OK.

Probably the best part of the movie was the last part, where there is a huge emotional betrayal while Peter Parker is dealing with the grief of losing his mentor Tony Stark.

I would have liked to have seen more grief and misery, but overall, it was enough just knowing how much it must have hurt.

In the end, our friendly neighborhood Spiderman gets royally screwed over, so that got my heart racing and my body reacting.

No spoilers here! High marks for the misery and emotional pain, but I really need to ding this one for the romance working out.

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Just OK

With a few plot twists and some nice juicy betrayal, this is one of the more painful movies from the Marvel Universe. Well done.

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