Movie Review: The Hobbit


Hi Emily here, with my review of Peter Jackson’s awesome movie The Hobbit.

First off, as a disclaimer, I am a huge fan of both The Lord of the Rings movies and the JRR Tolkien books. I’ve read all of them about a dozen times, including The Hobbit.

I love this movie so much, I was desperate to see it. I would do anything. Anything.

So when the movie came out, I decided not to see it in the theaters, but to wait until it came on cable so I could watch it on a really small screen with bad sound. Of course, every time I wanted to watch it, I couldn’t find it and whenever it was on, I always had something else I had to do.

But yesterday, I found the perfect combination! My beloved film was on and I had a nice long window to watch it. It was on the HBO Spanish Language channel, so I put on a pair of headphones and turned up the volume as loud as it would go and then blindfolded myself, so I couldn’t see any of the stunning visual images.

For three hours, I sat with a Spanish version of one of my favorite stories blaring in my ears, unable to see or understand a single thing.

I guess this isn’t much of a review. I am sure the movie was really, really good. I wouldn’t know, because I missed it and couldn’t understand a word they said. I just had to sit there for three hours, imagining what I was missing, which was good for me. Really good.

The doctor says I have 10% hearing loss too. Probably not permanent, but still, I wrote Peter Jackson and Ian McKellan a letter telling them about my review and the hearing loss.

No word from Peter, but Ian sent me a nice signed picture.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

About Emily: Emily is The Daily Flogger’s emotionally masochistic film and media critic.  Her views are exclusively her own and should not be considered the product of a rational mind.  Her reviews usually have little to do with the movie in question but do give a nice glimpse inside the mind of a twisted and tortured soul.

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