Educators Create Pre-Introduction to Introductory Classes



In response to the recent boom of BDSM workshops and classes in their local area, two prominent educators, Charles “Flogman” Crisp and Mistress Janet De Luxe, have created a 12 part series of classes which serve as an introduction to all the introductory classes being offered.

With more than 4 years of experience between them, the couple felt they were the perfect pair to help newbie.

“It can be very confusing,” Crisp told The Daily Flogger, “when you are first starting out. Last month alone there were twenty seven classes that were called 101 classes. When you are new, those introductory classes really shape your impressions.”

“We wanted to be able to guide people to the right introductory experiences,” Janet De Luxe explained, “for example, which order should you be introduced to things? Does Spanking 101 come before Flogging 101 or after? Do you start with rope or handcuffs? What kinds of newbie parties are right for you? And in which order should you attend them?”

Crisp and De Luxe and calling their classes “Pre-Introductory” classes and workshops and they promise to not “actually teach anything other than how to understand and organize your schedule for 101 classes.”

“We offer them on a monthly basis,” Crisp said, “and we highly recommend taking all twelve before starting in on 101 classes.”

“With all these introductory classes we are really afraid new people could find themselves overwhelmed. Or worse, taking classes in the wrong order,” De Luxe clarified.

“We are also offering a full weekend workshop,” De Luxe added, “which can help prepare new people for our 12 month Pre-Introductory series. We spend three full days discussing what we will be discussing.”

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