Natural Dominant meets Natural Submissive; Scene “Spectacular”



Amy Kelly, 24, thought she was just being your typical matchmaker when she paired 19 year old male dominant, WonderBoy, with LittleSubMiss, a 26 year old submissive woman. Kelly, organizer of the Wednesday Night Munch, a fixture in the St. Louis BDSM scene for more than two years, decided to “get the couple together” after she overhead WonderBoy bragging about his “natural dominance.”

“For years we’ve had to put up with that woman [LittleSubMiss] going on and on about how natural her submission was. And then this guy shows up,” Kelly told The Daily Flogger, “and I knew it was a match made in heaven.”

Onlookers were shocked however as the new couple feel seamlessly into a scene that was described as “electrifying” and “magical.”

WillowWisp, a 35 year old leatherwoman described it as “a blend of ballet, Muay Thai kickboxing, Handel’s Messiah, and riding a mechanical bull, all topped with a Michelin 3-star meal.”

The scene, which lasted nearly 7 hours, was a tour de force of bondage, impact play, slave positions, fire play, and full body mummification.

To WonderBoy, “it all just seemed to come naturally.” He claims to have “never studied any of it, I just do what I feel.”

Kelly remained unimpressed, “I hate that woman,” she said.

photo credit: eleusi cc

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