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While most Kink Event Producers are removing, shunning, and banning Creepers, Predators, and Consent Violators, Jeff McDomly has a revolutionary new concept – Invite them! Predatorcon 2019, McDomly’s upcoming convention, has it’s focus set to be the next big thing in kink.

It’s open exclusively to kinksters who have been accused of “bad stuff,” clueless bottoms and disgraced event staff.  Insiders believe that with the recent surge in accusations and condemnations in the alternative sexuality communities, they’ll be sold out in no time.

McDomly has already announced some of his featured presenters, with the Keynote being presented by Mike Fu, and other presenters, Derek Fried, Sayonara, Ima Scruup leading the lineup.  With classes like: “Gaslighting 101”, “Subtle Sexual Assault for the Inept”, and “Pushing Boundaries – you can do it!”  This is bound to be a wild ride.

When interviewed about why he would do such a thing – McDomly replied, “it’s the perfect niche market!  There are so many disenfranchised persons out there looking for a place to belong.  We’re just making a home for them.”  With his charisma, its obvious how this one’s going to go.

According to the Event Page on a larger kink social media site, there are over 300 people who say they might be going.  Several were open to discussing the con with this reporter.  One of the first ticket purchasers, SuperOrdinaryBob, gave The Daily Flogger this comment: “There are no safe spaces for us in the current #YouAlso? climate.  We just can’t go to every BDSM convention unnoticed anymore.”

Wrapping the interview with a trademarked grin and his marketing strategy, McDomly confided, “We’re going to be cross posting our advertisements to all the bottoms groups, because we want word to spread fast!”

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