New England MAsT Chapter Seeks Repeal of 13th Amendment



A local MAsT chapter has started a petition to have the 13th Amendment to the Constitution repealed. The amendment which bans slavery in the United States is a particularly important issue to the group.

Master Ken Yount, 56, leads the group and it the author of the petition, “I realized reading the constitution that all the important stuff about equal treatment and civil rights is actually in the 14th amendment. All the 13th says is ‘no slaves.’ Well, we take that as a personal attack on our lifestyle and life choices.”

The group, Masters and slaves Together, practice “consensual slavery” but have found putting their lifestyle into practice frequently stymied by the constitutional issue.

Slave Beth, 32 and currently unowned, finds the issue deeply offensive. “Who is the government to say I can or can’t be someone’s property? Don’t forget this is the same group that makes you pay taxes and wire taps your phones.”

Yount doesn’t see a repeal of the amendment happening soon, “It is more to raise awareness than to actually change the Constitution. We are all for civil rights and equality, except for our slaves.”

The Daily Flogger called the offices of Annie Kuster, Congresswoman for the district who Yount has asked to sponsor a bill in Congress to recognize “slave rights.”

Kuster said she wouldn’t be sponsoring such a bill or voting for it if someone did, but suggested the group consider “moving down south to someplace like Alabama. ¬†They might actually go for something like this.”

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