New Fetish in North Carolina; Nonconsensual Consent



Dungeon-goers in North Carolina’s Research Triangle area are concerned about a new form of play emerging among the local scene’s youth and TNG groups, nonconsensual consent.  Some members of area dungeons have taken to playing childish tricks on unsuspecting to gain the consent without the knowing.

LilPrincessMeowMeow, 20, was the victim of one such incident.  “I was talking with this guy and he told me to say ‘Master May I?’ which I did because well it seemed harmless enough.  And then he asked me to spell ‘cup’ which I did.  They he told me to say it all together.  Before I know it, he had his penis out and was urinating on my face.”

A stunned dungeon monitor didn’t know how to respond.  Master Tim, who was in duty that the time, said it was not a clear violation.  “She looked him right in the eye and asked for it.  I heard her say it, ‘Master may I see you pee?’ and he did.”  Only later did the dungeon master realize both he and the woman had been tricked.

Similar incidents were reported, with one woman trying to arrange a play date between two men, Master Sluggo and newcomer Michael Hunt.  When SluttyKim, 22, agreed to help arrange a spanking scene between them, she didn’t realize her words “Will you please spank Mike Hunt,” would sound exactly like a request to have her genitals slapped repeatedly.

Similar incidents have been reported in relation to local scene members Phil McCraken, Ben Dover, and Jack Mehoff.

Susan West, spokesperson for the NSFF, told The Daily Flogger, that these kinds of events are potential lawsuits waiting to happen and represent the very worst violations of what she called “consent culture or a shameful lack thereof.”  Her efforts to reach the dungeon management have met with frustration.  “They have put me in contact with a representative from the play space, Mr. Heywood Jablome.  I am looking forward to speaking with Mr. Jablome and putting an end to this obnoxious and illegal behavior.”

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