New Study: Trends in Urban Dungeon Flight



A recent study by the Lund Foundation has found a recent trend in dungeon migration. Experienced dominants from heavily populated BDSM regions such as Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Des Moines have begun moving to regions where there are fewer experienced players and “less competition for hot, young, submissives.”

According to the study, which evaluates male dominants based on appearance, skill, and community reputation, many of the “mid range dominants, with poor or below average reputations” choose to move to other regions of the country, rather than improve their skills or repair their reputations.

The phenomenon seems to be most common in Los Angeles, where many tops spend a few months gaining basic skills from the wide range of available classes and then move on.

Melody Raite, 22, a from the Los Angeles area finds the whole migration issue confusing. “We are just as naive and exploitable as women anywhere else. I don’t know why they feel they have to move.”

Photo credit: Matthew W. Jackson CC: SA

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