New Workshop Announced: Masters Mastering Mastery



This weekend, a small group met at a local dungeon to hear 6 BDSM Masters talk about their journey to “master mastery.”

Helmut Pringle, a 22 year old self-described Master, explained to the audience,”It isn’t enough to master your partner or to master yourself. You need to be able to master mastery in order to truly be a master.”

Most on the panel agreed. Only Master Geo, a 54 year old head of a family dissented. “I am not sure you can actually master mastery. And by that I mean you specifically,” he said pointing his finger at the younger man, “I mean, I did it, but I am not sure anyone else on the panel has actually achieved mastery over mastery. If you did, you would have a hat, like I do. I don’t trust anyone without a hat.”

Several audience members could be seen nodding in agreement.

Pringle’s only retort was to wave his hand and say “Whatever.”

Master Jerome P. Haynes, 35, tried to find a middle ground. “What I think we are all saying is that mastery is a process, a journey. We are all on that path.”

Master Geo concluded the panel, commenting, “I won’t speak for anyone else, but for me the journey is over. I have arrived. It is not a process, I am all processed. That is what the hat is about. Did you all see the hat?”

Kimberly Trintz, a 21 year old submissive, said the panel was “really interesting” and “gave her a lot to think about.”

“I thought I knew a lot about the BDSM world, but I guess I didn’t. No one told me about the hats. That was really good to hear,” she told The Daily Flogger, “it saves a lot of time getting to know people and seeing if you are compatible. Now I know to just look for the hat.”

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