Without Rope, Rigger Finds Finds Dating “Impossible”



For rope rigger and shibari fanatic Demon Binder, romance has been in short supply since he decided to hang up his ropes and try dating in the vanilla world.

“I had no problem with chicks lining up to get tied, so I figured it would be the same without the rope,” he told The Daily Flogger.

Unfortunately, Demon Binder found a completely different reality awaited him. Without the rope, he was just, as Shield Smith, a 22 year old investment banker, described him “an awkward, fat guy with an over-inflated sense of his own self worth.”

“I don’t really understand it,” Binder continued, “women loved getting tied by me. I was always the center of attention and they would come back week after week.”

Timothy Schmidt, a 27 year old rigger in the community said it wasn’t much of a mystery. “That guy wasn’t getting laid with the rope,” he said of Demon Binder,” so what made him think it would be any different without it?”

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