Nike to Sponsor “Top Dominants”



As part of their campaign to launch a new “Black High Top” sneaker, Nike has announced its sponsorship program of what it is calling “America’s Top Dominants.”  The 2014 group consists of 15 men and women selected from the BDSM community for their skill and prowess in the dungeon and on the performance stage.

Each members of the “Dom Squad” will be given free sneakers and a small stipend, allowing them to eat and rent their own apartments and no longer require their to work in order to support them.

Master Squid, 36, told The Daily Flogger that it is the “opportunity of a lifetime” and one which he finds “long overdue.”  The market for video and performance has been at an all-time low, according to Squid (real name Marvin Gompsky), making it hard to make ends meet.

“Last week I got paid $37 for 18 hours of work on Bondage Freaks 29, which isn’t bad, but with the Nike deal, I am going to be able to sleep in more and afford a better quality of meth, which will reduce a lot of the itching I’ve been suffering from lately.”

The only stipulation for the performers is that they must make a “Swoosh” sound out loud each time they use a paddle, flogger or whip and must include the Nike slogan in any press interview.

“Oh yeah, ‘Just Do It’,” Master Squid added.

Photo credit: Alan Klim

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