Online Dom Finally Copy/Paste’s 1,000,000th Email



Mark Heath, a 37 year old “online dominant” has broken what appears to be a world record.  After nearly 11 years of email women online demanding they “kneel and serve him” online, Heath has sent his email to one million women.

“It’s a pretty good email,” Heath said, “which really shows off my dominance.  I think it intimidates most women because of how dominant it is.”

The email, first written in 2006, has remained unchanged since he first typed it.  “The only that has changed is the key combinations I have used for cut and paste,” Heath said, citing this change from Windows to Mac as a particularly intensive period in his development.

“I had to retrain my fingers to the new keystrokes.  I never use automation, every email I copy and paste, I do that with my own fingers.”

Heath started with AOL, but has moved through many different platforms, including the new defunct and, but his preferences today are Fetlife and Facebook groups.

Even though Heath has not received a single positive response from a woman, he says that is not really the point.  “I do it to help them better understand what dominance is and what it means.  Once they have a true taste of dominance from me, they are better prepared to enter the kink world.  It is kind of a public service.  Plus, know know some of them actually do kneel down and submit.  I mean some of them must, right?  Even if they are calling me a creep and an asshole, at least a few of them are doing it on their knees.  I call that a win.”

Surprisingly, in 11 years, Heath has never changed a single word of the message.  “When something is working,” he told The Daily Flogger, “you don’t mess with it.  You just don’t mess with success.”

When speaking to women in nearly any BDSM scene worldwide, it is difficult to find anyone who hasn’t received at least one email from Heath,  “Oh that guy?” Sheila Grumy, 29, commented.  “I blocked him years ago.”

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