Rigger Discovers “One True Way”



Although he has only been tying for less than a year, Rigger Tim Dubrowski says he has uncovered what he is calling the “universal knot” for rope bondage and has declared it the actual “one true way.”

Dubrowski says he “cracked the cosmic code for rope bondage,” while thinking about his days as a video game player.

“I just started twisting and pulling the rope in different directions and then I thought of the Konami Code. I closed my eyes and followed the code ‘up up down down left right left right b a start’ and when I opened my eyes, my was perfectly bound, unable to move and in a state of complete ecstasy.”

At first Dubrowski was ridiculed, but after careful review, nearly every rigger has switched to the new mode of tying.

It is rumored that more than a few of the Japanese masters had discovered the code early on in their careers, accounting for their mastery and stunning rope work.

While a few hold outs remain, most people interested in rope bondage have taken up Dubrowski’s method.

“It really is the one true way,” he says.

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