Saran Wrapped Woman “Stays Fresh for Days”



A new fetish is sweeping the small town of Las Vegas, WV:  “saran wrapping.”

According to Master Kevin Gross, 28, the technique is not a new form of bondage, but a way of locking in that “ attitude and new relationship energy.”

Slave ginny, 22, agrees, “I have found that in the past, my relationships always drifted to vanilla, boring, and non sexy routines, but with the saran wrap, I feel like my is all locked in and wrapped up and he can let it out a little at a time.”

Gross says he has tried all sorts of solutions to the loss of energy, including refrigeration and the creative use of tupperware.  In both cases, the need for the slave to breathe resulted in failures of the training techniques.

“Using saran wrap is very exciting because it doesn’t interfere with breathing.  It is truly a breakthrough in slave preservation,” he told The Daily Flogger.

While the wrap can be expensive, buying it in bulk can cut down on costs, especially in polyamorous relationships.

“I love how it feels,” slave ginny added, “plus it really helps with wardrobe decisions.  Once you are all wrapped up, all you need to worry about is shoes and accessories.”

Photo credit: Austin Appel CC: NC SA

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