Scene Name Causes Confusion; Charges of Deception



After three years of serving as his live in slave, Kimberly Hughes, 24, was startled to find she had been living a lie. “When I met Master, he told me his name was Sadistic Twist. I believed him. Why would I think anything else? I even asked him if he was related to Oliver Twist. He just laughed.”

It wasn’t until several years later that Hughes was getting money from his wallet when she saw his driver’s license. “I was in shock. My hands were shaking. I read the name on the license and it said Martin Dumbowski.”

When she confronted Dumbowski, he was dumbfounded. “He kept saying, ‘what’s wrong with you?’ and ‘why do you think everyone else calls me Martin?'”

For Hughes, it was a clear example of gaslighting. “If he wanted to go by Martin, why not just tell me? Why does he have to pretend he is someone else? And why does he think it is OK to warp my reality.”

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