Shy Submissive Finds Gag Helps With Party “Small Talk”



Molly Unquist, 24, has always been shy at parties and BDSM events are no exception. Attending kink and fetish parties was a source of stress and anxiety for the shy until she hit on a scheme.

“The part that always makes me nervous is the small talk and chit chat. I am terrible at it and I never know what to say,” Unquist confessed. “So I just gag myself before the event and when people try to talk to me I just mumble into the gag and shrug my shoulders.”

The self-gagging does the trick for her. “I can get out and meet people but not have to talk to them. It is the best way for me to interact.”

The technique is becoming popular according to long time party goer Kim McMaster, a 46 year old slave. “We see it more and more. I think it is a great thing. The girls look cute and they seem more comfortable not making small talk.”

The next stage is to suggest it to other submissives, but for a different reason. “We are trying to get slave Glenda to gag herself,” said McMaster, “mot because she is shy, but because the bitch never shuts up.”

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