Slave Mary “Always Picks the Wrong Guy,” Says Friend



According to Beth Meyerson, 28, slave Mary, her “closest friend for 10 years,” has a knack for “always picking the wrong guy.”

Slave Mary has a history of failed relationships that often end with betrayal, bad feelings, and, in one case, a drained bank account.

“We always try to warn her,” says Meyerson,” but she never listens. Any guy that pays her the slightest bit of attention and she is head over heels in love.”

Master Corbin, 47, a long time friend of both women thinks the problem runs deeper. “She’s just not a good slave. I love her to death, but she attracts the wrong guy because she is looking for a boyfriend, not a master.”

Meyerson, who says she has “never been friends with that creep Corbin” believes that this is “just one more case of blaming the victim” and that “Corbin needs to shut the fuck up.”

Master Corbin added that “Beth isn’t exactly a catch either. Ask her about her luck finding a man. Go ahead. Ask her.”

Meyerson, who said she wanted to “keep this about Mary and not make it personal,” described Master Corbin as a “creeper” and “an example of everything that is wrong with the scene.”

Slave Mary had no comment, but did ask the The Daily Flogger to convey that she “though Master Corbin was cute and that she was currently available and dating.”

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