Submissive Calls First Date with Predator a “Big Success”



In spite of warnings from nearly every member of her local community, submissive Connie Bride, 46, has accepted the advances of well known troll, predator and overall bad guy, Jim McBriddle.

The 42 year old “dominant” has left behind him a string of submissive women, allegations of predatory behavior, abuse, and non-consensual sex.

“He seems like a nice guy,” says Bride, “and our first date was a big success. He told me how much he liked me and how I wasn’t like the other girls who were all liars and back stabbers. You really can’t trust them, you know.”

McBriddle, who wanted it to be noted has “never been convicted of anything,” found Bride to be “pretty cute and a girl with the right kind of attitude. She isn’t out to get all men or lie about me, like the others.”

Bride seems confused by all the warnings. “He is a sweet guy who always says the right things. I trust him completely. For our next date, we are going to his place for some bondage and play. I am sure he will respect my boundaries.”

“I just hope she isn’t one of those ‘no means no’ people. I can’t stand that crap,” said McBriddle.

Photo credit: Lee Haywood CC: SA

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