Under Latex Fetish Man Discovers More Latex



At the end of the night, Donald Franks, 41, was surprised to discover that during the course of the night, he had been covered in multiple layers of latex.

“I remember putting on a transparent latex shirt and some briefs, but when it was time to undress, I was shocked to find I had been wearing several shirts, pants, and even a gas mask,” said Franks.

“Latex fetishists have a tendency to overdo things,” said Sheila Grozick, a research professor at Warsaw University, an expert in fetish culture. “It is not uncommon for them to have memory loss or even enter fugue states when dressing.”

While such fetishism is considered mostly to be harmless, Grozick does not recommend that fetishists drive or operate heavy machinery while engaging in their fetish.

Photo credit: XORUB

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