Submissive Can’t Remember Difference Between “Thud” and “Sting”



During a negotiation at a local dungeon, KittyKinkyKat, 18, became perplexed by a simple question.

Master Gerk, 47, presented her with a list of options for impact play, but the inexperienced didn’t know most of the terms she was presented with. “It was weird, she didn’t know what a paddle was, much less a quirt or sjambok. I finally just narrowed it down to stingy versus thuddy.”

Unfortunately for Gerk, his potential playmate was stymied even by that simple distinction. “I forget,” she told the more experienced player. “I know I tried both but I can remember which was stingy and which was thuddy. I know they were both ouchy, but he didn’t give me that as a option.”

As an alternative, KittyKinkyKat suggested “some cuddling and a hand job,” which Master Gerk refused. “I am basically an impact player, that is what gets me off.”

The two finally agreed on an over the knee spanking with cuddling after.

“I still gave him the hand job,” said KittyKinkyKat, “I felt he earned it for cuddling with me. My butt is all red and sore, but I forget to ask if that was thuddy or stingy? Do you happen to know which it was?”

Photo credit: Austin Appel CC: NC SA

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