Submissive Man has Secret “Business Fetish”



“We are used to seeing plenty of Wall Street Guys in the dungeon,” said Mistress Krystal Paine, one of the Big Apple’s best known dominatrixes.  “What is unusual is to see a guy who has no real job and no real life wanting to dress up like a business man.  It is a pretty unusual fetish.”

According to Jose McGuire, 49, it is a feeling he has been wrestling with all this life.  “I’ve tried working in an office, but it just isn’t the same.  I need to have my hood, some cuffs and maybe a ball gag on with the suit, or I don’t feel complete.”

Paine, who sees McGuire professionally. says she has had to develop a whole new vocabulary.  “I am used to high powered executives wanting to be called worthless worms and pathetic losers, but using terms like CEO and Chairman of the Board as insults, well, that is something new to me.”

For McGuire, especially in the climate of mistrust and hatred of bankers and Wall Street, it is the perfect vehicle for humiliation play.

“I like it when they call me a dirty banker.  Or an out of touch corporate executive.  It is so shameful, so humiliating,” says McGuire of his high finance fetish.  “It is hard to find someone who get’s it, but last week Mistress and I had a 3 hour scene where I did her books and then we talked about a leverage buyout of a nearby business and some mergers and acquisitions.  It was hot.”

While the fantasy is fun, Paine told The Daily Flogger, “it is tough because rich guys pretending to be losers can pay you.  Losers pretending to be rich can find it tough to pay for a session.”

Photo credit: B A Vida Secreta CC: SA NC

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