Submissive Reaction Mimics Fire Alarm; Clears Dungeon



The Brick Maine Fire Department was called out at 2:30 am to The Oubliette, Maine’s premiere BDSM dungeon after a young submissive, Yvonne Hollo, 22, let out a series of high pitched squeals during a flogging session that sounded exactly like the dungeon’s fire alarm.

“It was uncanny,” said dungeon owner Paul Pitts.  “I’ve heard just about every noise imaginable, but this was different.  Every time he hit her, she let out a high pitched wail at the exact same frequency as our fire alarm system.  And once the flogging hit its rhythm, the two sounds were identical.”

The Oubliette caught fire 4 years ago, the result of errant fire play, which has now been banned from the space.  As a result a new system was put in place that triggers a dungeon-wide alert.

“Apparently my screaming set the whole system off,” said Hollo, who was embarrassed by the incident.  “A bunch of fire trucks showed up and everyone had to be evacuated.  It was very embarrassing.”

Pitts says he is hesitant to ban Hollo from the play space, as the incident was not really her fault.   He has, however, required her to be gagged for any future impact scenes.

Photo credit: Yutaka Tsutano

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