Tea Video Causes Consent Tempest



A video purporting to explain consent through the use of animation, stick figures and poorly thought out metaphors has caused controversy among a small group of women who say the video represents a new wave of non-consensual forced tea play or “teaing” as it has become known.

Donna Kurtz, 47, described the fallout when the tea video was played in her local community. “I went to this guy’s house for tea and everything was going fine, just like the video. Until the tea came. I have never felt so much pressure. I mean with the video out there and everything. I don’t really like tea and I didn’t want any. He wasn’t pushy of anything and he followed all the instructions. I just felt wrong not taking it. I said yes to the tea, but I didn’t really mean it.”

Similar reports are cropping up all over the US and Europe as the video spreads virally. “Just because I say yes to the tea and drink it and enjoy it and ask for more doesn’t make it consensual,” Erica Grippe told The Daily Flogger. “I mean, I know I am only a stick figure, but I have rights!”

Samantha Krisp, 22, says she finds the whole issue confusing. “I mean do I drink the tea or not? I like tea, but maybe it is like Hibiscus or something weird and I won’t know until I drink it and then it seems rude to not finish it. Maybe I want to drink the tea because I don’t like it? You know to please the guy.”

Kevin Lewis, a 44 year old Dominant, has been showing his partners the video before playing only to find it backfires. “The whole tea thing. Wow. It’s like opening up a minefield. I never had any problems before, but now I get accused of teaing some submissive because she has decided after the fact that she just not an ‘Earl Grey’ girl.”

Grace Pushkin, an experienced bottom says that the video doesn’t go far enough. “I get the whole serving tea and drinking it, but what do you do when moving on to more intense play, like tea enemas? They don’t talk about that. They never do.”

Still others find a more sinister message. Helen Biggs, a lifestyle slave and attorney cites the video as “one more example of Tea Culture. It started with men throwing tea into the Boston harbor and it has been a culture of male aggression ever since,” she explained. “None of this stops until we start unpacking the culture that makes it OK to serve tea. There is a long history of colonialism and oppression in every bag of Lipton’s.”

View the video in its entirety here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQbei5JGiT8

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