Wiseman Reverses Position on Breathplay


SAN FRANCISCO, CA April 1, 2014

In a stunning reversal that has left the entire BDSM community shocked, safety guru and anti-breathplay advocate Jay Wiseman has reversed his position on the dangerous erotic form of play known as “breathplay.”

“I finally tried it,” said Wiseman, author of S/M101 and The Erotic Bondage Handbook, “and it is really, really hot.  I mean, sure, I still think it is dangerous, but Oh My God!  I have never gotten off so hard.”

Wiseman accidentally discovered the pleasure of breathplay when his partner draped her arm over his neck while both were sleeping.  Wiseman woke up seconds before losing consciousness to a “carotid occlusion,” a popular form of causing a partner to lose consciousness.  The conversion was immediate.

“When I came to, I tried to replicate it but couldn’t get it to work.  I immediately called some of the people I have been arguing against for years and asked if they would help be learn more.”

Proponents were skeptical at first but agreed to help.  Many say they have seen a change in Wiseman.

“He seems much happier now,” one professional female dominant claimed, “and when he starts droning on and on about some stupid safety shit, I just choke him out.”

Wiseman agreed, “in the BDSM community, that’s what we call a win/win.”



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  1. Good for him if this turns his crank. For me, it still petrifies me and I am not about to even attempt to find out what it does.


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