DomCo Announces Blockchain Slave Registry, Spurs Controversy


Ypsilani, Oregon

DomCo announces its latest virtual project: The Blockchain Slave Registry.

For Master/slave couples one one of the downsides of slave registries has been their impermanent nature.

According to BSR creator Hamish Hall, a 23 year old programmer, once you are listed as “someone’s slave, you can never change it.  That’s the way blockchain works!”

BSR is design to create a permanent and unchangeable connection between Master and slave, which is inscribed in a public block chain and available and accessible for all to see.

Because it is a public record, it adds a level of transparency to the process.

Master Talen Cross, also a programmer, hacker, and lifestyle dominant worries the system is open to abuse.

“Since there is no regulation, anyone can add anything to the block chain.  You want to own someone, just add them and it becomes a matter of public record.”

Cross, who is facing a restraining order for claiming ownership of actress Scarlett Johansen, claims it was done just to prove a point.

“Apparently I freaked her out a bit,” Cross said.  “At the same time, it was worth a shot, right?”

DomCo couldn’t be reached for comment, but says they are supporting the actress.

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