Masochist Confuses Sexual Offender Database with Dating Site



A local masochist got quite a surprise when detectives from the North Carolina SBI knocked on her door after it was made known to them that the 28 year old submissive masochist had been contacting convicted rapists listed on the sexual offender database.

Christine Denede told The Daily Flogger, “I have been kicked off just about every other dating site for what they called ‘inappropriate behavior and solicitation.’  You name it eHarmony, OK Cupid, Plenty O Fish, they all banned me.”

Denede’s kink revolves around rape play, particularly realistic and violent abduction and sexual assault.

“Every since I was little, I have dreamed about being abducted and brutally assaulted.  It is just what turns me on,” she said.

She was delighted when she discovered the North Carolina Department of Justice database.  “It was like I found an online dating service where I finally felt at home.”

So far, the site has led to a number of dates, but no actual rapes.

“The guys are a little skittish because most of just out of jail and still on probation.  But I have told them I am willing to wait.  You can’t rush into things and meeting the right guy is worth the effort.”

Officers from the SBI were confused but couldn’t find anything actually illegal about the woman’s actions.

“She’s playing with fire,” Agent Barney Shaffer told us.

Denede disagreed, “I don’t do fire play.”

photo credit: chrisjohnbeckett cc

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