Pony Play Secrets Revealed



Researchers at St. Peter University in Minnesota’s School of Animal Husbandry have discovered a curious phenomenon among ponies.

“It appears that a small percentage of them become sexually stimulated by pretending to be human.”  The animals were observed making rudimentary efforts at holding cocktail parties, engaging in “small talk” and fashioning make shift boots and gloves out of mud and sticks that resemble human hands and feet.

While typical ponies engage in grazing and doing work such as pulling carts or plowing fields, this small subculture remains disengaged from typical pony activities, inhabiting what researchers call “people space.”

“It is obviously something we need to study more closely,” Professor William St. Johns told The Daily Flogger.  “Perhaps the most interesting aspect it that some of the more experienced ponies actually seem to be training the less experienced ones.”

St. Johns said that “the other ponies tend to look at the smaller subgroup as different, but show a remarkable degree of tolerance.”

photo credit: Makenshi Fox cc

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