Rope Rigger causes Permanent Nerve Injury



A well known and self described “shibari master” is under suspicion today after reports emerged of a serious accident in rope circles.  Unlike most rope injuries, which occur during tying, this one happened online in one of Fetlife’s rope bondage forums.

Kylie Froom, who goes by ropekittyn4u on the popular fetish website, became severely agitated and annoyed by one of the rigger’s posts.

“It started to bother me when he started going on and on about what a great rigger he was,” she told The Daily Flogger, “and I have seen him tie people up and the fact of the matter is, this guy is a no talent ass clown who thinks he knows what he is doing.”

It was at that point that Froom began to have a reaction to the post.

“He was getting on my nerves. You know that saying?  Well it turns out it can really happen,” Froom told us.

While rare, Dr. Michael Samford, a neurologist at Stanford University Hospital, told us the phenomenon is absolutely real, “Like most sayings, this one has a basis in truth.  In some very sensitive individuals, people can actually get on their nerves badly enough to cause compression and even damage.  But they have to be pretty annoying and it usually takes a while for symptoms to develop.  We are seeing more and more of it from the Internet.”

Froom initially developed a twitch in her right eye, followed by a complete numbness in the right side of her face.  Her doctors have told her to stay off of the net and apply ice twice a day.

Samford expressed concern after reading the offending message.  “I can see why this was so upsetting.  This guy is an egomaniac and a big asshole.  I am surprised we aren’t seeing more reports of damage from this post.”  When asked about recovery times, Dr. Samford had some bad news.  “When someone gets on your nerves this badly, the damage can be permanent.  Of course, we always hope for a full recovery.  The body is a remarkable thing.”

Froom’s doctors are not so optimistic, diagnosing the injury as “permanent.”

The rigger who has not been publicly identified has not replied to requests for an interview, but several rope practitioners agreed with Samford’s assessment about his ego.  “You hate to see this kind of injury in rope groups, but anytime you read things on the internet you are taking a risk,” a well known rigger named WellKnownRigger told us, “It’s not a question of if someone is going to get on your nerves, but when.”

photo credit: merrick_monroe cc

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