“Sensual Play” Out for 2015; Sadism Up 212%



At the year’s International BDSM Council meeting, Martin B. Groobnick, 47, release results from the annual BDSM survey.  Most shocking was the total reversal from last year’s report, when sensual play and particularly “connection” out paced all other forms of play by a margin of 2 to 1  This year, sadism appears to be the new top play style.

According to the report, “Hurting my partner” was up more than 200%, while “Connecting with my Partner” was ranked near the bottom of the result and “Sensual touching” did not even make the top 50.  Both had been top five activities for 2014.

Groobnick speculated that the change was a result of a scene-wide reaction to mainstream portrayals of BDSM and concerns that the world of kink was becoming too “touchy feely.”

Mistress Kyra Kruel, 28, agreed with the assessment.  “I hate that touchy feely crap,” she said.  “Give me a pair of nipple clamps, a singletail, and box of needles any day of the week.”

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