Spanking Class Reveals Activity “Not Really That Difficult”



Mistress Kim Canaveral, 47, offered a class “The Beginner’s Guide to Spanking” at this year’s annual Is The Only Way conference.  The entire class consisted of the world famous Mistress standing up and saying “You take a paddle and hit your partner’s ass.  You can do it easy or hard depending on what they like.  It’s really not that difficult.”

The audience sat in stunned silence for nearly 5 minutes before the instructor asked “Any questions?”

One audience member asked “How do you know what your partner likes?”

Canaveral responded, “You ask them.  Like I said, not that difficult.”

The remained of the class consisted of the instructor spanking her partner as well as anyone else in the class who wanted to experience the sensation of the various implements on display.

After each demonstration, Canaveral repeated the phrase, “See?  Not that difficult.”

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